We created this website to sell health care products and lifestyle products to older people.

Ezizio.com - an online store offering products for older adults

The aim of Ezizio Ventures is to create an eCommerce platform where the elderly and senior citizens can purchase products for their daily needs, healthcare items and lifestyle products. It was possible to choose from a variety of products, each designed to be helpful to the elderly.Their mission is to fulfill the needs of the older generation who are still young at heart and do not wish to rely on others, which is correctly stated in their mission statement - "Growing old is a bliss".

The challenges we had?

An older and senior-oriented platform was to be designed to sell products. From lifestyle items to daily necessities and health care items, there was something for everyone. We developed a solution that could be used efficiently by oder people and senior citizens because the products were aimed at this group. Senior citizens could easily locate the products they needed on the site.In addition, we streamlined the purchase process to ensure quick checkout based on the targeted buyers.

The solutions that we offer

Initially, the project focused on the front-end design, which was targeted at senior citizens and older people. On the homepage of the website, static banners were displayed, which the buyers could easily read, and they could quickly land on the relevant category. Moreover, we used large icons and bold fonts on the website, which allowed our target audience to more info easily read and interpret it.Buyers were able to complete their transactions quickly because the website's navigation was easy to understand and the checkout process was quick.

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